Scanning Services

The Fotoshoppe takes care to get the best quality of in every piece of your family history with expertise and care as we do all the scanning right at our location. No worries about your memories being shipped away to be done! Next, we scan or transfer the images or movies into a modern day format so that you can easily share, view and enjoy them all again. When the process is complete, we’ll return your original memorabilia to you – along with a DVD, USB or Blu-Ray that stores the digital versions.

Rest assured that your family history is safe with us. 

Print Scanning

Photographs preserve priceless moments long after our memories have failed us. We can scan and save your prints from mini wallets to 11×14 size prints and make prints or save to a drive or email you the digital files. Have bigger prints? We can do them to by making master files! If you have a lots of scanning to be done, our Gather Service will be the perfect fit!

Negative and Slide Scanning Services

Whether you finally clean out the overstuffed garage or take on a thorough spring cleaning, we know what you’re going to find: boxes of old slides from days long gone by. Who has space for this stuff? And yet, you can’t bear to get rid of them, right?Luckily, scanning old slides and turning them into digital images is a quick and painless process that lets you keep the memories but get rid of those dusty boxes once and for all. And, even better, turning all those slides into digital files means you can easily share the photos with others who would also like a copy.

Our Other Services

Did you know you can also get your movie reels in an editable file format? We will transfer full quality mpg. or .mov files from your 8mm and Super8 reels !!

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