Have Lots Of Memories You Want To Save And Share?

It's Time To Gather

No longer do family members need to argue over who has the family photos or home movies. The Fotoshoppe’s Scanning service is your solution. We use our systems to convert your memories so you can not only enjoy on your current devices but you can also share with family and friends. The Fotoshoppe Gather services are designed to save you money, time and effort while providing you with quality and peace of mind that you’re not having to ship your memories away! All you have to do is come in and purchase one of our boxes that fits your needs. Our best value, if you have lots of prints, 35mm negatives, 35mm slides or videos are our gather boxes! Pick the kit that fits your project bring in your items and we do the work! Don’t have quite that much? We do single services too!

Gather Boxes

Gather Prints

The Fotoshoppe will scan wallet size (2×3) up to 8×12 size prints with this service. 

Starting at $89.99

Gather Video

The Fotoshoppe can tranfer VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8 and PAL tapes to DVD or a Drive that can be played on your computer or smart TV!

Starting at $149.99

Gather Slides

The Fotoshoppe will scan your 35mm color slides to a CD or Drive.

Starting at $89.99

Gather Negatives

The Fotoshoppe will scan your 35mm negative strips (4 or 6) to a CD or Drive

Starting at $89.99