Education To Open Up Your Creativity
 The Fotoshoppe One On One classes offer high-quality courses customized, individualized, and scheduled specifically for you.

Customized Classes

With the One On One, we first find out what you want to learn and the class is made just for you!

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You learn using your equipment, giving you the experience with your stuff!

                                                                                There are several benefits to taking a one-on-one photography class:

  1. Personalized instruction: In a one-on-one class, the instructor can tailor the lesson to your specific needs and goals rather than following a set curriculum. This can help you learn at a comfortable pace and focus on the topics that are most relevant to you.
  2. Flexibility: One-on-one classes can be scheduled at a time convenient for you rather than being tied to a set schedule of a group class.
  3. More individual attention: In a one-on-one class, the instructor can give you their undivided attention and provide more in-depth feedback on your work.
  4. Customized learning plan: A one-on-one class allows you to work with the instructor to create a personalized learning plan specific to your needs and interests.
  5. Greater accountability: In a one-on-one class, you have a greater responsibility to your instructor and are more likely to follow through on assignments and practice. This can help you make faster progress and get more out of the class.